Looking Back: Grey Hunters

I was originally inspired to play Space Wolves because I loved their lore. At the time, I was huge on Norse mythology and general ass kickery. I also just liked the blue-grey colour of their armour. So I choose Space Wolves as my Chapter, and in retrospect I'm glad I came to that choice.

I would say that I'm a purist in the sense that I think 40K games are all about the troops. And so I thought it would be fitting to show the grunts of the Space Wolves - Grey Hunters. Ludicrously expensive, I had to take at least one pack (squad) of these. And because of True Grit, they had to be modeled with some form of combat weapon on them.

Later in my career with the Wolves, I had to make sentries for a 2000 pt GW tournament, so I had to pump out a few more Grey Hunters that had suitable equipment.

Or perhaps they just had to look like they were extra alert.

I had about 3 packs worth of Grey Hunters in all, with special weapons including meltaguns, power fists, power weapons, and a plasma pistol or two. I never really used plasma guns because more often than not, I was better off engaging enemies in combat than having a shootout with them. Then again, some of them really liked shooting.


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