This one Time ...

Just before I stopped working at GW, I had this moment where I was fed up with being a melee army. I desperately wanted to shoot things again. But I wasn't ready to buy a whole Imperial Guard army. I wanted the elite feel and power of bolters, but without having to just buy more marines. For a moment I considered buying more space marines and just adding heavy weapons to my squads and play them as vanilla space marines. But they were a bit furry for that.

That's when I got the idea to try Sisters of Battle. And I mean, pure Sisters. I loved their lore, their fanaticism, and their codex. I loved the idea of having bad-ass women shooting the crap out of things. So just before I left I bought 1000 pts worth of metal Sisters and vehicles. I painted just one Sister — the Canoness — before my enjoyment of the hobby dissipated.

I'd chosen a rich palette of black armour with a gold accent, and purple for cloth with bleached bone as its accent. I had made a sort of background for them; all of them would be bleached blonde sisters, like an army of Sixes.

Playing the Sisters of Battle in Dawn of War only propelled me more to want to flesh out my Sisters army. I never got around to playing a single battle with them, but from watching them, I found out that they weren't actually as shooty as I had expected. With a few exceptions, they were actually a short- or medium-ranged army, which I was a bit skeptical about. One day I'll return to them, I'm sure. A couple more pictures after the break.

PS: Oh, and I should mention that I realized after I'd finished the model that fire should actually be painted the opposite way — bright on the inside, dark on the outside. D'oh!