Reinforcements Have Arrived!

I had the day off today, and what should arrive at my door but an order for a Cadian Battleforce and Heavy Weapons Squad. Also, more Lancer details in brief.

Apparently, the vendor couldn't get the Ratlings in without delaying the order further, so they went ahead and shipped what they had. Works for me.

While I'm excited to dive in and start Lego-ing these things together, I think I'm going to take time to photograph the sprues so that I (and any others) have a reference the next time we're looking for particular bits or want to theorize about how bitz might fit together. More on that later.

I had a couple of ideas for the Lancer, one conversion involving a straight-up addition of a chainsword blade to the bottom of the Cadian lasgun. The other involves using two boltguns, a lasgun barrel and power pack and the chainsword. And to be truthful, I think I like the overall shape of the basic one still. Only problem is that the lasgun I used as reference is the loose Cadian lasgun. Now that I see the sprues, I notice little hands already holding the gun's body.


Mordian7th said...

I definitely like the direction you're taking the army, and I agree that basing the weapon on the lasrifle would be a little easier overall.

I do like the look of the bolter version too, I may have to work one of those in to my marine force!